BSDi to Accelerate BSD Boom in Japan with $4 Million Investment from Leading Japanese Investment Firm

-Colorado Springs, Colo., December 5, 2000-

BSDi, the leader in Internet infrastructure-grade solutions, announced today the company has received an investment totalinng $4 million from several Japanese strategic partners led by GLQ Entrepia Inc., the venture capital arm of Nissho Iwai American Corporation.

The strategic partners include Plat'Home, one of Japan's leading distributors of open source software, which participated in the investment for the purpose of endorsing and reinforcing the business relationship with BSDi. Plat'Home, an established reseller of FreeBSD and other open source products, and BSDi also signed an international channel partner agreement to further enhance the business relationship and to promote sales in Japan of FreeBSD and other BSDi products.

"The rapid growth of Japan's Internet infrastructure is fueling the boom in popularity for BSD operating systems and solutions in the Japanese market," said Gary J. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of BSDi. "We are happy to gain the support from one of Japan's leading IT investment funds as well as one of Japan's leading supplier of open source products."

"BSDi has a long and successful history as the commercial supplier of BSD operating system, networking, and Internet technologies," said Gene Kawaratani, CEO of GLQ Entrepia. "We are investing in BSDi to accelerate the development of BSD-based systems and solutions for the Japanese market and worldwide."

"BSDi is the leading commercial supplier of BSD open source products, and Plat'Home is a leading open source provider in Japan," said Hiro Honda, President of Plat'Home Co., Ltd. "We are pleased to invest in BSDi to help ensure the ongoing development and global availability of BSD open source products and solutions."

About GLQ Entrepia and Nissho Iwai GLQ Entrepia, the venture capital arm of Nissho Iwai American Corporation, creates value for U.S. information technology (IT) companies by distributing their products in Japan. By leveraging the resources of its group companies and leading industry players, GLQ Entrepia has the expertise to build and adapt marketing strategies for US-based IT companies venturing into the Japan market. In partnership with its portfolio companies, GLQ Entrepia adds value in the process of adapting and executing U.S. business models in Japan.

A $66 billion trading titan, Nissho Iwai operates in several industries, including IT, machinery, metals, energy, chemicals and consumer products. It has 618 affiliated companies in nearly 76 countries. Nissho Iwai's IT projects include telecommunications infrastructure, satellite and cable TV projects in Japan, Latin America and China. As a group, Nissho Iwai dominates the backbone network equipment market in Japan. Its North American operation is headed by Nissho Iwai American Corporation.

About Plat'Home Plat'Home (MTH: 6836) is a leader in open source computing in Japan. It designs, manufactures and sells computers and related products and provides computer-related services. Most of the computers sold by Plat'Home incorporate open source technology including FreeBSD and Linux and are typically used for Internet and intranet applications. Plat'Home draws on its advanced knowledge of open-source computing and networking technology to meet the needs of power users, including information technology professionals, members of the open source community and other users who seek enhanced performance from computers and network equipment. Its product line includes order-made private brand computers, computer peripherals and other products designed by the Company, and system integration service.

About BSDi BSDi delivers Internet infrastructure-grade systems, software and solutions backed by world-renowned professional services and support. BSDi systems power the Internet's most popular sites and highest volume providers. BSDi customers include Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs), Web hosting, data, and communications centers, corporate intranets, Internet appliance developers, Internet application developers, and hardware/system manufacturers and integrators including Yahoo, UUNET, Intel, and countless others. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, BSDi is located at 1-719-457-8400 or

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