Panel Discussion - the future of venture business in Japan

Sponsored by the Japan Society of Northern California, a panel discussion on the future of venture business in Japan was held on July 24, 2001.

Invited panelists included Mr. Gene Kawaratani, CEO of Entrepia, Inc., Professor Miller of Stanford University, and Mr. Greg Galanos, General Partner and Managing Director of Soft Bank Venture Capital.

Panelists discussed the future of the venture capital business in Japan and the role of entrepreneurs in the global venture capital market. A highlight of the event was Mr. Kawaratani's presentation of Entrepia's business model.

In his presentation, Mr. Kawaratani identified the current trends, market opportunities, and competitive landscapes facing Japanese ventures. He further explained to the audience how Entrepia carefully plans and skillfully implements market strategies that are tailor-made for the Japanese market; the second largest technology market in the world. By providing access to new US technologies, services, and business models, Entrepia helps Japanese start-up companies maximize their potential for growth and accelerate market innovation.

Mr. Kawaratani concluded by stating that the current decline of the venture market can reflect the presence of potential for growth in the market, since historically, the greatest opportunities often come when the market is performing most dismally.