Entrepia Ventures, Inc. Announces Funds' Closing and Plans to Invest in Portfolio Companies

New York, March 4, 2003 - Entrepia Ventures, Inc. announced today the closing of Entrepia Fund II, L.P. and Le Fonds Entrepia Nord, S.E.C, with an aggregate of US $50 million of funds under management. Entrepia Ventures, Inc. is the general partner and parent of the general partner, respectively, of these funds, which will be venture capital investors.

The Entrepia funds plan to begin investing in portfolio companies immediately. "We believe their closing speaks to the strength of their investment platform," said Shinichi (Gene) Kawaratani, chairman of Entrepia Ventures, Inc. Mr. Kawaratani noted three fundamental criteria for selection of portfolio companies by the Funds. Firstly, the company must be a high-potential technology company in the IT, communications or electronics industry. Secondly, the company should be in an expansion stage rather than seed or early stage. Finally, the company must be one that can benefit from Entrepia Ventures' "Japan-link" strategy and expertise in helping portfolio companies generate additional revenue in Japan. "We believe this third area truly differentiates us from other funding sources for a portfolio company - in particular, our active, hands-on approach in Japan and a powerful network of relationships can assist portfolio companies in an admittedly difficult market to penetrate," Kawaratani pointed out.

"We plan to work with other VC funds who would like the unique 'Japan link' to add value to their investments. We believe we are a natural ally for any early stage VC funds seeking value creation in their portfolio companies through business development in Japan -- in a sense, we can be their 'Go-to-Japan' fund," Kawaratani concluded.


Entrepia Ventures offers venture capital financing for private, technology-based, expansion-stage companies that stand to benefit from market or technology affiliation with Japan. Operating out of offices in New York, San Jose, Montreal and Tokyo, the Entrepia Group actively helps generate international revenue for its portfolio companies by leveraging its access, hands-on approach, on-the-ground presence, and relationships in Asia. Increasingly recognized as the "Go-to-Japan" fund, Entrepia assists its portfolio companies to become more competitive and successful through incremental top-line growth.


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